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We are pleased to release our new ...........                                                         

                                   Vortex Mistral


This new 4 / 5 seat all purpose craft replaces the Vortex 3 & 4. The design of the Vortex 3 & 4 is now 23 years old, and whilst these craft have served us well, we felt it was time for an update. The offer from Toyota Engine Developments to supply engines specifically tailored to our hovercraft needs was too good to miss. The new craft is manufactured using the same high tech composite construction used in our UK, European and World Championship winning race craft, and the same attention to detail during construction as our racing craft

(New Mistral under going trials)

Reasons to consider buying the new Vortex Mistral:-

·         Choice of engine output 80hp as standard, 120hp can be an option if needed for very adverse conditions

·         High quality composite construction, light but extremely strong and durable

·         400kg payload, much more than other craft in its class, (this is due to our use of light weight composites)  More than enough capacity for 4 adults or 5 medium sized passengers. The craft is equipped with 5 seats

·         High pressure loop / segment skirt, giving the stability of a high pressure loop skirt with the obstacle clearance of a segmented skirt.

·         35lt fuel tank, enough for 3 hours of very hard driving or 4+ hours on a leisurely cruise.

·         Fly by wire variable lift system fitted as standard

·         Fly by wire elevators for precise trim control fitted as standard

·         Full instrumentation inc, tachometer, battery condition, fuel gauge, water temperature, oil pressure warning and so you know when to service the craft an hour meter is fitted

·         Waterproof 12v power sockets are provided at the front and rear of the craft

·         Heavy duty battery, so that accessories can be run without the need to have the engine running

·         Full safety equipment including operational lanyard and fire extinguisher

·         Having a variable lift system does mean that cruising at 20mph with 4 people in the craft is easily achieved with the engine just doing 4000rpm. Open the throttle and take the engine to its maximum of 6800rpm will see you travelling at over 50 mph ….. without brakes!!

 ·         All craft are supplied with a limited warranty        


Manufactured to customers colour and specification


Priced at £16250 + vat complete craft ready to fly …. There are no hidden extras, price fixed until the end of February 2014


Please contact sales@vortexservices.net  or 01458 274807 for more information


Please visit the Vortex Mistral 'TAB' at the side of the page for more details and photographs