Vortex Services (Hovercraft) Ltd




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2014 was a very busy year for Vortex Services, migrating from a sole trader company to a full Limited Company with increased investment.

Output in 2014was the highest since the companies founding in 2005, 5 top line performance racing craft (which have gone on to compete in the UK and European Race Series). A number of our well established Corporate Vortex Storm Hovercraft were produced and are in continuous use in the UK and aboard, giving hovercraft experience to novice pilots.

We also attracted a big order from a customer in the USA, who ordered 3 craft, single seat Storm, 4/5 seat new Mistral craft with a 120hp Supercharged Toyota engine and our flag ship Vortex 7+. This version was configured as a 9 seat version, using an 80hp de-rated Toyota engine for lift and a 120hp Supercharged engine for thrust.


New V7 under going initial trials

Please see other V7 photos and details

Below are the Mistral and Storm craft that are being cleaned ready to put into the container for our USA customer.


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