Vortex Services (Hovercraft) Ltd


2014 was a very busy year for Vortex Services, migrating from a sole trader company to a full Limited Company with increased investment.

Output in 2014was the highest since the companies founding in 2005, 5 top line performance racing craft (which have gone on to compete in the UK and European Race Series). A number of our well established Coporate Vortex Storm Hovercraft were produced and are in continous use in the UK and aboard, giving hovercraft experience to novice pilots.

We also attracted a big order from a customer in the USA, who ordered 3 craft, single seat Storm, 4/5 seat new Mistral craft with a 120hp Supercharged Toyaota engine and our flag ship Vortex 7+. This version was configured as a 9 seat seat version, using an 80hp derated Toyota engine for lift and a 120hp Supercuarged engine for thrust.

More to follow soon......