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New for 2016


Vortex Sirocco ...



The all new Vortex Sirocco,

2 seat (250kg payload) leisure craft. The new craft is manufactured using the same high tech composite construction used in our UK, European and World Championship winning race craft, and the same attention to detail during construction as our racing craft. 

Reasons to consider buying the new Vortex Sirocco:-

·         Very safe 2 adult seat craft or 1 adult and 2 children.

·         High quality composite construction, light but extremely strong and durable

·         250kg payload, much more than other craft in its class, (this is due to our use of light weight/high strength composites)

·         High pressure loop / segment skirt, giving the stability of a high pressure loop skirt with the obstacle clearance and low drag of a segmented skirt.

·         22lt fuel tank, enough for 2 hours of very hard driving or 4+ hours on a leisurely cruise.

·         Full instrumentation inc, tachometer, battery condition, fuel gauge, oil pressure warning and so you know when to service the craft, an hour meter is fitted

·         Waterproof 12v power socket and USB sockets are provided at the front of the craft

·         Heavy duty battery, so that accessories can be run without the need to have the engine running

·         Full safety equipment including operational lanyards and fire extinguisher

·         Having a separate lift system does mean that once you are up and cruising you can reduce the thrust throttle and just glide along!!

 ·         All craft are supplied with a limited warranty        

Manufactured to customers colour and specification

As an introductory offer we we will sell the first 5 craft at a special price of only £9999 + vat, normal price will be £10750 + vat
Pleae click on the Sirocco link on the left hand side of this page for more information and photographs.


Race Craft

We have been manufacturing the Vortex Predator and Raptor race craft for a number of years now, these craft have and continue to, win all the major championships in the UK, Europe and World Race series.

These craft have up till now only been available as complete products, however we now feel that the time has come to offer these craft in kit or partial kit form for the dedicated home builder. I must stress that these models are out and out high performance race craft and are not suitable as crusing / leisure craft, we already do have a good range of these type of craft.

The Raptor is a top line F50 or FS craft, the Pedator is a top line F1 craft, we are also now offering a new derivative the Rapidor. This new craft is a size reduced top deck of the Predator with the underneath planning surface of the Raptor, this creates and outstanding craft for F2 or F35, being that bit smaller than its Predator big brother and having the capability to have a lift engine which the Raptor does not.

We have been racing an F35 Rapidor this season and won 9 out of the 10 races at the first meeting, this is a very well behaved craft that will suit the novice and the experienced racer alike.

Click here to link to Excel price list for Raptor and Rapidor

Click here to link to PDF price list for Raptor

Click here to link to PDF price list for Rapidor