We are now the UK Hovercraft distributor for Toyota  engines, these  performance 3 cylinder engines offer light weight power from 80 - 120hp. Please contact us for further information..................


Whilst there are many engines that will work in hovercraft experience has shown that for leisure use power is less important than reliability. To this end, whilst Vortex will offer high performance 2 stroke engines, most cruising customers opt for the more reliable, cheaper to run, 4 stroke engines.


We are an authorised OEM dealer for Briggs & Stratton Industrial Engines. We specialise in the horisontal V Twin range. For our smaller craft we take the standard 22hp unit, put it through our workshops to produce a very reliable and smooth 30 - 32hp unit. We prefer the 'small block' engine over the 'big block unit' due to its power to weight ratio, our version of the small block engine saves more than 25kg in weight for a loss of 3hp over the big block unit.

We undertake full engine rebuild and tuning of a wide range of engine used in hovercraft.















































































For the Vortex 2 – 4 we use BMW K & R series engines. The K100 is a much older engine but is a very smooth and well balanced 1000cc 4 cylinder 90hp unit. The R series are 2 cylinder oil / air cooled units. The R850 produces 75hp @ 7500rpm, R100 95hp @7500 rpm and the R1100 110hp @7500rpm. Whilst these engines are the same physical size, and weight, the key difference is the capacity and valve assembly.

For the smaller craft we offer the Vortex developed Briggs & Stratton engines.

We take standard 22hp twin cylinder industrial engines put them through our workshop where they are modified for hovercraft use, including internal modifications and balancing. We then fit twin free flowing, but quiet exhaust systems. These engines then produce a very reliable 28 - 30 smooth hp. We can go up a lot more in power but in most cases the crafts don’t need any more power.

For lift we take the 5.5hp single cylinder vertical shaft engine, no internal modifications are done but the cooling and ignition system are modified for hovercraft use.

These engines were used by the top 4 drivers in the British F35 Hovercraft Championship and the top place in the Coastal Championship


For more information on Hirth, BMW & Briggs & Stratton engines for hovercradft use please contact us.