Predator Build

Predator Build


Photos below show Predator build, from mould preperation through to final hull


1mt duct with additional glass, diolen, glass, Kevlar, glass around swept area


Duct cover and seat being made, laminate construction for most of our mouldings is 300grm csm, 300grm diolen, 300grm csm. Except for the duct cover which is does not have the extra 300grm.


Hull prepared and foam inserts cut to shape ready for later stage


Hull laminated with extra Kevlar around load points, (can be seen its yellow), lift duct floor tunnel edges central spine and side where where down 'tubes' meet deck.


Deck foam bonded in (we use 10mm PVC foam board, with a surface treatment to allow the polyester resin to achieve good adhesion.


Planning surface foam cut and prepared ready to be laminated on the outside (we use 450grm Diolen cloth)

Planning surfaces removed internal lamination and the lower skirt attachments fitted


Foam laid back onto hull ready to be bonded in place

Completed underneath of hull with additional Kevlar on all the high stress areas

Feed holes cut, craft ready to be released from mould


Quick blast of air from air line into mould blow holes and off 'she' comes. craft is then trimmed back to cut line and edges sanded, just needs lift duct cutting out

To get to this stage it takes 12 man days, its is not an easy craft to layup and put together. There are many stages that these pictures don't show. To get a Storm craft to this stage takes 7 man days....


The following photos show the completed hull just needing Andy to clean and polish the hull ready for delivery or collection



Final fixing for control cable not done until we have exact engine position details





More to follow when we have manufactured the fan frame assembly