Vortex 7+

Vortex 7+

We are pleased to announce that our Mk2 Vortex 7+ has been completed and is awaiting shipment to its new owner in the USA. It will be used in and around Boston Harbour. This craft is the 9 seat variant.

  • 120hp Toyota for thrust
  • 50hp Toyota for lift driving twin lift fans (now mounted in the rear of the craft)
  • Fixed full front windscreen
  • Cabin Option
  • Twin Gullwing doors
  • Heating / cooling (optional)
  • Flexible seating / payload options


Seating can easily be removed for carrying a wide range of cargo; whilst the design carrying load of 750kg might appear modest for craft of this size, we know from previous experience of our other craft that this is an ‘safe’ under calculation.

The pilot (driver) sits well up front and high and is in an ideal position to see the beach, rocks, ramp etc for easy slow speed manoeuvrability, this position also allows for good control of the craft when at speed.

The use of 2 engines, lift and thrust, means that the craft can manoeuvre much more easily at slow speed than an integrated craft and provided better wave handling when at sea.  The whole design concept of the craft is to keep it simple and reliable. The fans are set up to run as slow as possible and with quality engine silencing the intention is to get the noise levels as low as possible we hope to be well inside the  current 85dba @ 25m currently recommended for vehicles like these

The  loop segment skirt  will give the graft the best of both skirt systems, the replaceable fingers ensure that down time is kept to a minimum.  The inflatable side bodies with their 6 separate sealed buoyancy chambers ensure that not only is the craft buoyant, but there is a flexible outer structure when hitting / knocking against hard objects.

Should the craft be left on water and the air chambers go flat for some reason, the 0.5cum of buoyancy foam (around the engine fan areas) ensure that the craft is safe.  By deflating the inflatable side bodies it ensure that towing the craft is easy and will fit a standard shipping container, the 2.2m towing width is well within the limits of a standard car and would not require a multi-purpose vehicle (4*4 etc).

Whilst the final internal design layout is not fixed, it may be possible to add 2 extra seats either side & slightly further back to the pilot should the customer require giving a 9 seat capability.




Number of crew 1 (pilot)
Number of passengers 6-8 (depending on size / weight)
Hull Details  
Length 6.5m
Width 2.2m
Height (off hover) 2.05m
Weight (depends on final spec) Approx 700kg
Length (on hover) 7.0m
Width (on hover) 2.75m
Height (on hover) 2.35m
Max Design Payload (depends on final spec) 750kg
Polystyrene and polyurethane 0.7cum (680kg)
Multi-cambered air cells 10 off 0.2cum 2.0cum (2000kg)
(200kg) each  
Lift System  
Fan dia 2 * 550mm axial fans
Toyota 3 cylinder 50hp @4800rpm
Hascon MS series (3H) 10 @ 40deg fixed pitch per fan
Thrust System  
Fan dia 1250mm
Hascon BS series (5Z) 8 / 16 @ 45deg
Toyota 3 cylinder (supercharged) 120bhp @ 6000rpm
Other engine options available  
Control Surfaces  
Rudders 4
Electrically controled aileron 1
High pressure loop and finger 650gr/m^2
Nominal speed 80kmh
Standard equipment  
Safety Lanyard  
Navigation beacon  
Engine temperature gauge  
Engine tachometer  
Oil warning light  
Battery Meter  
Hour Meter  
Mooring ropes  
Fuel Tank (linked) 1*90lt
Operation time under normal cruising conditions 4.0 – 6.0 hours